Where can I view past entries in Input Daily Weather/Add Graph Text?

I like to use the new feature of entering text on the main graph. For example, each time I install a new WD version , I enter the version number at the time I installed it.
But how do I view a list of past entries? Windy tried to explain it to me in a past post but I have obviously not understood.
Thanks in advance.

If you want to retain the entry it is my understanding you need to enter the text on the input daily wx page. The text you add to the graph is not saved anywhere I know of…

the graph text is only for the current day

there is though a permanent storage for any text entered into input daily weather, first screen, if you use the save and load past daily reports (i.e its like a diary)

Sorry for the slow reply…been busy.
I understand now about the text entry on the first page of Input Daily weather.
However, you say Windy that the new graph text entry (on the last page) is only for the day. But if I scroll back three days using the main screen scroll arrows to where I entered some text three days ago, it is still there.
Please correct me if I am not understanding, but doesn’t that mean the text is stored somewhere as I assume the screen graph has to be regenerated to go back that far?

OK, yes, there is a day value assigned to the text graph entry
and so yes, it will show up on the up to 72 hour graph

it will not show up though for previous months

unless I made it where you could set the month, year…

why do you want to know if its stored somewhere?

One place I would like to see graph comments saved is the 20110801.gif files. I can reach past daily graphs from my history page at http://travelingrvwx.com/wxhistory.php.

its not saved for those files…because its not set to a month or year…
to do that, would need a individual date stamped text file…for each day/month/year that is saved…potentialy 360 each year

I assumed the daily graphs were screen grabs done near midnight and wondered why our comments disappeared when the graph was published. Oh well, it was just an idea…

Again, sorry for the slow reply…I’ve been on a trip to Lake Eyre in the central Australian desert areas to see the results of flooding rains over the last year.

why do you want to know if its stored somewhere?

Simply because I would like to have the possibility of referring to past entries. Otherwise, I can’t see much point in the facility.
Would it not be possible to have a single file where the entry is added with the date and time on the same line?
Its a long time since I did any programming but I seem to remember being able to do that.
Thanks for your patience with my obscure questions!

Otherwise, I can't see much point in the facility.

there is a point to the function
its usefull for things that have occured for the current weather conditions (and will show for the next 3 days)

there is already a function to record entered text in the form of a weather diary, via input daily weather, that shows up in the monthly report
so you can already do what you are wanting to do