Where are the downloaded station-data stored?

Hi all,

running the newest version of WD for Linux (5.5z), a question about the download of archived data.

Suppose I stop WD running at 11 o’clock, and start it up again at 16 o’clock. I have the option ‘download archived data’ set to ‘yes’.

Where are the data stored that is downloaded for the period between 11 and 16? I cannot find it back in the logfiles…


Which station are you using Davis VP?

Sorry :slight_smile:

WM2, full version. Interval polling at 1 minute.

The data extraction is not working in Linux version yet. Brian is working on that problem which.


Bit off-topic for this Linux-topic… If I use the Windows-version, in what files is the downloaded archive-data stored?

I’m thinking running WD, but I need to have the archive-data working. A good candidate might be running WD-Windows with vmWare

The downloaded data updates the regular data files.

yes, it updates the normal wd data log and data files
if you leave it running at this stage (linux version) then dont need to worry about missing data