What's happened in the last 48 hours?

I wonder sometimes if we forget that Brian has a personal life and a young family.
Some of the posts and emails (which we don’t see) have been a bit on the negative side in the last couple of days.
I don’t know a program which has such immediate support from forum members and in particular the author.
It’s only two days since this post:


It’s great to see threads such as that one, but how many utilise the hard work of Brian, Chris and Julian and then give them acknowledgement on their websites?
I’ve checked 40 this evening and found only seven.

I often wonder if we deserve the support given. It’s all too easy to ctiticise, but it seems to be a painful exercise to praise.

Rant over :smilebox:

Although I have had WD, WDL, and MML clickable icons at the footer of my main web page for a long time, I agree with John… that acknowledgement is the least we should do. I have added that now. :wink:

See image below:

I have it on my Hardware/Software page.


At the bottom of all my weather pages, all of which are currently derived from WD output, I have a clickable link to WD:

Weather data collection and presentation by Weather Display

Also a referral to the Weather Display site is the first thing in the Software section of my Credits page, where I acknowledge all the graphics and software used to create the site.