What was your first computer?

Mine was a Acer 486DX with I think 48MB of memery and the new blazeing double speed CDrom. Oh and don’t forget the best of the best 14.4 Modem.

My very first was a Commadore Vic 20. Not sure what the specs were, although I remember loading programs with a tape drive! Not even very sure what I used it for!

My first “proper” PC was a lowly 286, CPU speed of around 16Mhz with a 10Mb hard drive, no CDRom (was added later, though single speed), hardly any memory and a 5.25" floppy drive. Still it was a good starting block. No modem, it was before the big days of the internet.

My first computer was an IMSAI 8080.

I know it ended up with 64k of memory and I eventually added a floppy drive to it, but it started out with less and had a cassette player for external storage (much like my second computer, TRS80 Model 1)

I still have it (IMSAI) and my TRS-80 MIII, TRS-80 M4 and Victor 9000.

Mine was a Laser 386/16

max memory was 4 mb “soldered on the MB” so no updates

5 1/4 drive
40 mb hd… :rofl:
300 baud external modem
first ISP’s was compuserve and Prodigy


Mine was a Sinclair Z80, Tape drive to load programs up to 1 kb. (Yes… 1 kb. it’s not a mistake).

TRS-80 I, with 4 kb if I remember correctly, and a Z-80 microprocessor. It wasn’t actually mine, it was the family’s. I still have it. And it still runs. It’s kind of funny, but years later at my first job programming computers, one of the fellows I worked with happened to be the person that wrote the sample programs for the first TRS-80 manual at the request of one of his teachers. I began learning to program on that thing.

I was in college when my dad bought me my first computer. A Franklin Ace. The Franklin Ace line were clones of the Apple ][+ that were nearly 100% compatible. In the end, Apple successfully sued them for patent infringement.

I remember how EXCITED I was over the HOT new hardware (first CLONE ever?)! It has been a few years ago, maybe 1982?

Speed: 1 MHz
RAM: 64K
Storage: Cassette Tape, 5.25" disk drive

I also had an Amiga when they was HOT for games! Thought I had died and gone to heaven with 512KRAM! LMAO!

Amiga 500
RAM 512K

I beleive both of these cost right around $1,000 in the day!

First one I owned was a Nascom single board Z80 kit.

So you made your first computer??? Wow. That is cool.

Vic 20 with tape drive. I think it had 8K of memory.

Our first PC was a Sinclair Spectrum, we moved on to an Amiga 500 which was my son’s. The first one which was really mine was an Amiga 4000 which I kept until I moved to a PC only about 8-9 years ago. The Amiga was vastly superior to the PC but it lacked the software I needed. Having said all that I worked with computers from 1966 when I started work, these commercial machines had 8Kb of memory, and that was knitted together with fine copper wires round small ferrite doughnut shaped cores!


Kevin probably did too, the IMSAI8080 was available as a kit.

I wasn’t going to mention that stuff, but the first project I worked on in my first job was building a large room filling computer - from individual transistors, diodes etc. on thousands of little plug in cards, all connected with thousands of miles of wrapped wire connections. I threaded a few of those piddley little cores too…

The first computer I used was an OPUS II. It had an Intel 4004 (first ever microprocessor CPU) with 256 bytes of RAM (yes bytes). Input was via toggle switches with binary LED output. If you toggled in some bootstrap code you could use a hex keypad to input values and send the output to two 7-segment LED displays. Of course that used up some of the RAM for the keyboard decoding and output encoding, but you got used to really efficient coding techniques. We eventually upgraded it to a whole 1k of RAM. This wasn’t my computer though…it belonged to a friend who’s dad taught computing for the Open University and this machine was one of the training computers.

The first computer I owned was a Sharp MZ80K…bought in late 1980. It is (I still have it) Z80 based…the Z80 was much better than the 8080 that niko had :wink: It started out life with 20k of RAM which I quickly expanded to 48k and in those days that wasn’t a cheap exercise. I used it to learn programming and amongst other things converted a text based chess program into a graphical version and also wrote a RTTY (telex over radio) application using machine code timing loops to create and decode the two frequencies required by that system.

Other early computers that I used (but didn’t own) were:

Altair 8800 (1980)
Cromemco Z2 (1981)
Apple II (1980) using the worlds first spreadsheet VisiCalc
Commodore Pet (1980)
TRS-80 (1982)
Sharp MZ80A (1982)
Sinclair ZX80/ZX81/XL
BBC Model A (upgraded to Model B). We had a machine with serial number 600 so a very early one.
Commodore 64
Atari ST

I’m sure there were others I used too like the Osborne I and KayPro II. There were so many different models back then and I’ve probably forgotten loads of others.

And then there were the early microprocessor operating systems…CDOS, CP/M, MP/M, CCDOS and eventually PC-DOS and MS-DOS. I remember working in a computer shop in the early 1980’s (actually as a programmer and part time hardware engineer, but I worked in the shop when it was busy) and I cold sold the first MS-DOS based PC that we got our hands on within 10 minutes of the first one arriving in the shop!

They were interesting days. PC clones hadn’t been invented so each new computer (not PC) was a challenge awaiting investigation :smiley:

My dad built it (Electrical Engineer) and gave it to me as a Graduation Present (1976). Twas kinda neat.

I actually learned most of my first programming though on the TRS-80 Model 1. I actually bought the Expansion Interface first, so that I could keep it in the store so I could play. I worked for RS at the time and the Expansion Interface was so hot, we couldn’t keep one in stock. So I bought it, so I could play with floppy disk drives etc…

Kevin had the 8080, mine was a Z80. Nascom collapsed pretty soon and some company that had designed equipment using the boards was advertising because they were desperate to get hold of some, so I sold them mine for two or three times the kit price :smiley:

A while later I got a TRS80.

There was another kit computer around at the time of the Nascom. Can you remember what that was? Something beginning with ‘M’?

I guess I should prefix all of these posts with ‘Aye…when I were a lad…’ :wink:

It took me bunch of googling to jog my memory to “Nascom” so I don’t think I can help you with that one…

I remember sitting there waiting and waiting for the tape drive game (don’t remember it’s name… it was an old ASCII Star Trek game) on the TSR80 to load.

Sometimes after waiting for 30 minutes… it wouldn’t take… and we’d have to wait another 30 minutes!

First computer I owned though was a Commodore 64 (even had a 300 bits per second modem!)

Imagine what our kids will be talking about 20 years from now.

They never watched a black and white television.

Never had to get up to change the channel.

Never had to go down to the hardware store to ask to borrow a manual for the lawnmower.

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Never played a record on 45 rpm instead of 33.

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Science of Cambridge (aka Sinclair) MK14 - http://www.nvg.ntnu.no/sinclair/computers/mk14/mk14.htm based on the Scamp (SC/MP) CPU.

I kept on seeing these advertised and I really really really wanted one, but I was at school at the time and