What processor do I want in a new computer

Been seven years since I bought a new computer for my everyday use. This will not for WD use.

As I now have 7 grand kids running around, I have my eye on an HD camcorder, and the AVCHD files they generate I understand can really tax a computer…especially my old P4.

So, I’m researching what I want that will last me another 7 years or better without breaking the $$ bank.
Which do I want an i5 or i7 processor? Much difference in the grand scheme?
Dual core or Quad core?
Do I want 64bit Win 7? Have 64bit drivers caught up?

I’ll probably build my own system as they seem to have better overall performance, right?

I won’t do a lot of working with AVCHD files, but when I do, I don’t want it to take eons to render, edit or burn to disc.
I’ve read so much on this subject I’ve confused my tired old brain.

A couple of years ago I upgraded to a dual core processor and my video rendering (not HD) time dropped by over 50% using Pinnacle Studio on XP so I would suggest a dual-core as the minimum. In order to ‘future proof’ your upgrade I would go for a quad-core and the best and fastest processor you can afford. All of these processors are 64bit capable AFAIK so the choice of s/w is separate. You will probably find that more cores do speed up things when you are doing more than one thing at a time but for real speed in a particular application you need to make sure it is designed for more than one code, so check with your rendering software to make sure it is or you will not see a huge speed increase.

As to 64-bit drivers I dont know as I still use 32-bit.


I still like the Intel 8080 :lol:

But i don’t think it will do the video rendering at 4MHz and 256kB Ram… mind you, 360kB FDD might be a bit small too. LOL :smiley:

Passmark has good CPU benchmarks which will help answer your i5/i7 question. Generally the faster the better, and in a desktop you aren’t worried so much about the speed/power trade off.

32 vs. 64 bit is difficult at the moment. I recently bought a W7 32 bit laptop because a number of apps I need to use aren’t available for 64 bit yet (and one isn’t even available for W7 yet :roll: ), but hopefully that situation will improve so check your “must have” programs and buy 64 bit if you can because that is the way of the future.


About 4 months ago - I got a Acer AspireRevo 3610:


Thanks all. Much appreciated.