What is Weather Display Basic for WMR100 and WMR200?

Weather-Display Basic is a limited functionality version of Weather-Display which is distributed free of charge with Oregon Scientific WMR100 and WMR200 series weather stations. Weather-Display Basic is not a time limited trial version, but it does encourage the user to upgrade to the full functionality of the regular version of Weather-Display. Note that internet uploading, custom/.csv log generation, and the detailed rain and climate reports, are only available in the full version, they are not included in Basic.

Weather-Display Basic is created by Brian Hamilton, an independent software developer based in New Zealand. Brian provides Weather-Display Basic at no cost, he does not receive any payment from Oregon Scientific for this software. Brian provides very active support for all versions of Weather-Display on this forum under the username “Windy”.

Information about all versions of Weather-Display can be found on the Weather-Display homepage at Weather-Display.com.

Updated versions of Weather-Display Basic can be downloaded at these links:

WMR100 update.

WMR200 update.

Note: These free programs are no longer being distributed by Oregon Scientific with the weather stations and further updates are unlikely.