What is this option for?

Can some one explain what the option: Setup > General and colour/Misc/tide setup > “Add the raw weather data to the default web page header for use by other people” is used for and where is this data. I looked at my web page and do not see any additional data at all?

if you look at my site:
the go to view, source, in IE, the first line of the web page contains:<META RAW MET DATA Fog, 22:20:02,14/08/2003,tmp 7.9,hum 100,dew 7.9,wav 0.1,wgt 0.7,dir ESE 104

Thanks Brian, I see it now. It would be aufully nice if this data was in the same format as the clientraw.txt file. Would that be possible?

sorry, cant change it now, it will mess up others using it (like the NZ met service for NZ weather sites)
nothing stopping you from adding what you like to a customised web page with custom tags

Good point but it would be nice to use the built in functionality though. Do you have a description of the available fields?