What happens when Brian decides to call it a day???

All our requests will be unanswered, weather display will eventually cease to exist and we will all be suffering from withdrawl symptoms!!!

I hope there is plans for a mini-Brian to be created (if not already created) to take the pressure off or Brian will burn out, and i am not entirly sure a little bit of coding will fix Brian when he’s burnt out!!

Just a thought i had crop up when scanning the forums today.


we headed out on the boat (1 snd hand 13 foot job) yesterday afternoon, with a visitor (Craig from scientific sales, here in NZ), and towed the kids on a sea biscuit,and then went and dragged for scallops…and got some…and measured them carefully…and then got checked by a fisheries officer…and one must have been on the boat deck and we missed measureing it…it was 1mm under 10cm, and we got a warning…luckily we did not get find $250
so dont worry, things get too much, I will head out in the boat or go for a bike ride!

i did play an april fools joke once, where the wife found me frothing at the mouth slumped over the keyboard and i had to be taken to hospital with exhaustion
i really sucked in some US people, who dont have april fools day!

What we should be more worried about is when Brian’s boat gets swallowed by a whale, or attacked by a great white shark.

Or when Brians Wife gets tired of him spending all of his time on the computer making changes

…or if he forgets extra gas for the boat again. :lol:

funy enough,the motor died again,…in the middle of the harbour,but i had not opened up the air bleed on the new fule tank!!
then the motor was dead…turned out the sea biscuit had bumped the kill switch!!

…and some of us remember the day when there wasn’t ever going to be a version 10 :slight_smile:

We actually do… It is called Election Day… ( dang now Niko and others will be after me again… Rats)

are you taking boating lessons from my brother, Dan? I recall his nurse ( he is a doctor, hence over here, all doctors have a nurse. Which reminds me of a joke of how you tell the Head Nurse, but I won’t go into that. Homeland security and all that…) once commented to me about his piloting experiences. Lets say it is best he isn’t a protologist with his steering ability… :x

I recon we should just ignore " What happens when Brian decides to call it a day???". Those things only happen in the movies :lol:

We also need to consider…

What happens if Brian is abducted by aliens?
What happens if Brian has to do some gardening?
What happens if Brian is locked up for 30 years for being in possession of a scallop that’s 0.005mm too small?

Mate that all is simple and has a perfect sound solution…WIRELESS

I have seen some post here somewhere about getting brian a wireless thingy.

look if his thingy becomes wireless, then he needs a doctor… I can see it now " ME, thingy has become wireless Doc." Doctor: We will have to fix you.

yep… can see it now…

Yes indeed, good day out but a little anti-climax when the fisheries officer stopped us on the ramp, he waited until we loaded the boat and got up off the ramp so he didn’t get his boots wet. I suppose at the end of the day we didn’t get a fine…[-o< and hes just doing his job. We mentioned that we were measuring to the nearest 10mm on the sticked ruler, and had no challenge compared to his 0.5 mm ruler.
I suppose it like getting pulled up when you are speeding its better seeing someone else getting the ticket on the side of the road instead of receiving one.

Had Lunch at Brian’s place with his wife and kids, (after getting lost and taking 3 hours to get there #-o). Good day out and much quicker trip back to Avondale. Brian I see where i went wrong and know the intersection where i should of gone… Just putting the new weather station together and should have it online shorty, are waiting for the 1-wire sensors and boards to turn up.