What antivirus will not cripple WD and/or screw up updates?

In another forum, it has been suggested Norton Antivirus 2008 running on either a Windows XP Pro or an XP Home system can and often does corrupt WD and/or interferes with the creation and updating of files needed for the Carterlake/AJAX/PHP templates.

[li] Are you successfully running the current version of WD and feeding the templates while running Norton AV?[/li][/ul]

[li]What commercial AV software can you suggest that gets along well with WD, NextStrom, StrikeLink, WASP2, AboutTime, and common Windows applications.[/li][/ul]

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Note added: I am aware of Norton AV 2008’s dislike for dumprep.exe, and I can well appreciate why this could hangup systems running WD under certain circumstances.

I use ESET Smart Security and it works without issue with WD … highly recommended … they also have just an anti-virus program called NOD32 that is also excellent

I run AVG Free on the my WX PC and successfully run it with WD, NextStorm, StrikeLink, WASP2 & WXSim.
I have the backup of Malwarebytes on there as well.

On the PC that I used to run WD I also have Outpost Firewall running.

Some AV & Firewall programs that run successfully on one machine don’t on another, so what works for me may not work for your setup.
But saying that, anything is probably better than Norton. :wink:

I use AVAST a free anti-virus program from http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html

The standard install allows all aspects of WD and WDL work correctly.

I use Kaspersky Anti-Virus. It is not free.

WD and WDL work correctly

I too use kapersky, its a darn good AV

Stay away from Norton and all king of suite…

ESET NOD32 it’s a good choice to

On my dedicated Weather workstation, the one that is connected to the Weather Station, GRLevel3, Weather-Display, Cumulus etc… I have AVG Paid version. The workstation runs for weeks at a time between reboots which is normally required for updates and other issues rather than instability. I have the firewall turned off.

I don’t use this computer for anything but weather related tasks. No browsing etc… behind a hardware firewall.

In reality, it doesn’t need anti-virus.

Taking a peak is currently see:

WD WrkStn Last Reboot 27 Days 9 Hours 9 Minutes 31 Seconds WD WrkStn Avail Mem 341.204 MB WD Software Start 12:18:07 AM 5/4/2009

Thanks to all that replied. It look like it would be tough choosing between AVG Paid and ESET NOD32, but I will look at Kaspersky too before deciding.

Those are impressive figures. Living in God’s Country, you must not have to deal with much snow and ice! My chief problem in the winter is power outages. We are on a well and depend on electricity to operate the heating system. My backup generator is not diesel due to cold-weather starting problems. Maybe you get the picture.

BTW, I never did take a moment to thank you for the tips. Web Developer looks just terrific. I cannot wait to find time to learn how to use it. I have also ordered UltraEdit. Your website and design ideas impressed me when I was searching for a way out of the old website design which I could not maintain. It was a kludge if there ever was one.

Maybe it is time to think of a new build with low power consumption and reliability in mind. The hardware firewall available with some of the NVIDIA chipsets might be all that is really needed. But I have little experience with hardware firewalls other than what might be a firewall in a so-called gateway and one of MB-based firewalls in a system I am using. So much to do, so little time…

I am using Windows One Care Live… with no problems so far… I am on year 2 so considering myself lucky.

I am using AVG Free on my machine. I found it would grind my machine to a halt at the top of the hour, but once I added an exclude for the WD directory, the machine now flies like a brand new install.

I figure this should be ok until someone writes a WD specific virus. :wink:

I also use windows onecare live on all three of my computers. no trouble . Very happy with it

with firewalls and anti virus software, one has to be able to use exclusions so that the AV software will recognize we want all that stuff to work… sometimes it is easy to set and other times we have to push all the buttons to get the response we need. However, we do need this stuff with all the teens out of school for the summer and nothing to destroy.

Now school is out, I was forced to join Facebook last night to stay in contact with my chief technical consultant over the school vacation. She is a good kid, in spite of the piercings. (I cannot help but stare because I am sure it must have hurt. However, it is embarrassing when a young girl asks what you are starring at!) She is busy building a neat iPhone App this summer in hopes of earning enough to buy a new horse for jumping. BTW, she was not interested in FFTExplorer. Funny, it is so educational.

More to learn. I’ll add that to the HoneyCud’Ya list. Thanks again.

If you are impressed with 27 days uptime then I should give you a real target by telling you that my systems are generally power company limited but will easily run more than 3 months and have several times run longer than 6 months before the power co has finally taken them out.

so far things are working fine with the Wife’s old computer, praying the motherboard holds out. then we are back to square 1 again…

The scott base site has WD runnning for more than 6 months at a time

check out the wind energy there too…4 hours at 50 knots for the year to date 8O

When I tried the link Brian it comes up blank using firefox. Let me try it in IE and see what happens.


Tried it in IE8 and comes up with this.


only -40F… swimmin’ weather in these parts…

isn’t that about the temperature of dry ice?

I can see the image in both Foxfire and IE… not a complete image, but the temperature and part of the image… suppose someone wants to hike over and let them know ?

they must have intermittant internet ftp upload problems
try viewing it again later