What about an option in case we don't like the new LCD wind

What about an option in case we don’t like the new LCD wind font?

it will grow on you , but OK
you can adjust the colour

When I tried to adjust the color only the background changed color.

i hooked up the wrong part

try a new download now :slight_smile:

you will have to restart to fix another boobo there
uplaoding a fix now

i have it now that if BFT selected, the old way is displayed instead, as it does not look so good in LCD format
uploading that vers in a mo

What in the world is BFT?


don’t like digital
what version is new ?

i have added option to not show (under setup, general and misc)
if you have bft displayed under the speed gauge, it will not be shown anyway (that is why you dont see it ed)

I Was to quickly sending the topic: V 9.22e is good for me, thanks !

LCD looks good and nice that the color can be changed. Pretty slick.
What a GREAT program that just keeps getting BETTER. :slight_smile:

The selective “reboot” has been working great also. One of these days when I’m home for a few days I’ll shut it off and check the memory useage. but for now why argue with success. I haven’t had the program “crash” acutally “shutdown” is a better word in about 2 weeks.

As always THANKS

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: