Weird Screen on Startup

Anybody else getting the below screen when you start WD? To get the graph showing, I have to do something - anything - from the “Graph Set Up” menu, then it starts displaying properly.


Regular at mine,

specially when my webcam turns down (no loading by my WINMe)
replacement of Wdisplay.ini (from a backup !!) does
it easy to restore last config of WD…

Check your metar. I would look under metar viewer . Ihad this last night when the metars were not being accessed because of some sin by the noaa.

So I unselected the metar from the noaa and switched to hamweather. later it worked. I think it is because of a denied external file.

gary, you will have a start up error of some kind
go to view, program error log, and that will give a clue
let me know what it says
it will be a bad entry in the wdisplay.ini file in c:\windows or c:\winnt
it can be easily fixed :slight_smile:

When I select view program error log, all I see is that box where the graph usually is - current message is “ERROR: File access denied at time/date 09:37:28 1/6/2003”

thats the problem
it will be a direcory location (try resetting the datafiles/logfiles and webfiles directories) and or a file used as a background that is no longer there, or something along those lines
or some sharing violation

try backin gup and then deleting the wdisplay.ini file from c:\windows or c:\winnt

OK, backed up and deleted WDISPLAY.INI, no change. I’ve examined the WDISPLAY.INI file, and all directories seem fine, including those for backgrounds. Still get that error message on the right half of the main screen instead of the graph (until I do something, anything at all) within “setup”. I’ve also found that the font face, color, and size for “summary.gif” are resetting each time I restart WD, though the background image remains OK.

Any other ideas?


as I said: at mine I placed back an older Wdisplay.ini file
did you backup’ed ever Windows ? big change you have that ini file in there !

it realy works here !
(becoming wiser and wiser by faults and errors of Redmond and myself :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: )