Weird problem with PHP

The WxSimate statistics page suddenly broke this morning. It worked yesterday evening because I posted a link to it. I usually check it when I wake up to make sure things have gone OK overnight, but today…just a blank page!

I started to check out the cause when I got on my laptop. PHP 500 Error. Something related to opening the database. I checked the database and that’s working fine with current data in it. I dig a bit deeper and the PHP module to access the database is missing. That explains the error, but leads to the bigger mystery of why the module isn’t there now when it was yesterday!

I was part way through installing PHP 8.3, although that wasn’t the cause of the problem because I last worked on that a few weeks ago. I completed the install of 8.3 and now there’s a MySQL module and the stats page works.

I still don’t know why the PHP 8.2 module suddenly disappeared. I did wonder if it’s because it’s 1st Feb and it was deprecated from today but I can’t see anything to back that theory up.

I’ve done quick checks of most parts of my web sites and they seem to be happy working with PHP 8.3, but if you spot any problems please let me know.