Weekrep.html (2)

My 9.54 is not updating the weekrep.html file that includes the Daily Weather Report. It quit updating on Jan 31, 2003.

Has anybody experienced this?

Brent Headberg
West Palm Beach, FL

is it updated localy, in the web files folder?
are there any errors under view, program error log?
(after the midnight reset)
do you still have ticked, update averages/extreme, under web upload times in the ftp/internet setup?

Hello Brian,

I looked for the tick option to upload the Averages/Extremes under Webfiles Upload Times and that option is not listed.

Can you give me the exact wording and option that needs to be set for the Weekrep.html to be updated?



Yes that tick is set. The weekrep.html file has not updated since January 31st, 2003.

I looked in local directory c:/wdisplay/webfiles and on my webpage files.

Is this a bug?

if you have main midnight reset ticked, under units setup
then it will get updated at 00:02am (i.e 2 minutes after midnight)
i.e WD needs to be running then

if you main 9am reset ticked, then the update time will be 9:02am

but there may be a corrupted file
check under view, program error log, after you go action, update averages/extreme

1 other person reported the extra sensor graph file was corrupted
you may have to delete that, (after exiting wd) to clear a invalid floating point error or similar


I tried what you suggested, but there wasn’t a file called month32002.inf. I deleted the file month22002.inf and checked again this morning and my weekrep.html did not get updated at midnight.

the last time it was updated was on 31 JAN 2003 at 12:02am.

I made sure I had all the ticks set as you suggested, and everything seems right.

Don’t know where to go from here.

Brent Headberg
West Palm Beach, FL

i meant to post month22003.inf

check for that file

The .inf file is getting updated, but web page is not in my case, too. Last readings were fro end of January.


does action, update averages/extreme now, update the file?
if not, check under view, program error log for any errors
if it does work like that, then guys, email me your ini files
wdisplayftp.ini from the registry


I tried your suggestion to manually update the Average/Extremes and the weekrep.html isn’t updated.

What did you want me to do with month22003.inf? Do you want me to email it to you?

Give me a list of files you want to look at and I will send.

Thanks for being so helpful in trying to resolve this problem.

Brent Headberg


any errors under view, program error log?

ok, search for all instances of weekrep.htm
on your pc
and delete them
and then try the manual update again

Deleted the file and I get this: “ERROR: I/O error 6 at time/date 2:30:33 PM 2/12/2003”

Now no updates AT ALL of ANYTHING.


next to delete is
and try again

WD creates a new February2003.htm file but it is bogus. And WD generates an I/O 103 error.


next to try
go to view, averages/extreme, scroll down, and then to reset the web page averages/extreme

also, zip and email me you current log file for feb


and chekc the size of the dailylog.txt
it should only have todays data in it

How long should that reset take? Arrgghhh…


yeah, its slow as
as it must read in 44460 lines of log file data

whats the status tom?
is my picture being used as a dart board yet?


I searched my hard drive for all occurances of weekrep.html and only found one in the c:\wdisplay\webfiles folder. I removed it as you had suggested, and the file was not recreated at midnight, nor does it get created when I use the Action/Update Averages-Extremes.

I looked at my error log and saw something there, but will have to get back with you.

It seems there is something broke.

Brent Headberg
West Palm Beach, FL