Weekrep.htm and tides


My weekrep.htm and tides page are still not being updated. There are no errors in in the log and I have tried your suggestion to delete the week2.inf

I have not tried your latest version that’s posted on the website, but will try it tonite to see if you have finally discovered the problem.

Keep up the good work, maybe we’ll finally get this figured out.


I’ve also noticed various inaccuracies on my Daily High/Low image:


Mostly the inaccuracies are being posted in the previous day columns.


I finally solved my problem with the weekrep.htm. Your latest version corrected the problem in the local directory, but it was not being uploaded to my website. I finally discovered that I had the upload time set as the same time I have my PC rebooted. I changed the upload time for 15 minutes later and everything is now working.

However my dailyhighlowbaroetc.gif is still showing some crazy info in the Yesterday column…almost all times are showing 00:01am for all min/max readings yesterday. Any ideas?

Brent Headberg
West Palm Beach, FL

good news on the weekrep problem
i think the daily hi/low problem will be related to the reboot…
i,.e do the reboot a bit later maybe