WEDAAL - meteorological data-selects

hi, yes, been meaning to do that,.just have not had time, lots of other things needing my attention
will do this soon


Hello Brian,

have seen that you have changed the wind direction.

Just see


but it should be called

ONO (OstNordost)

Here the table

English German

N ------ N
NE ------ NO
NNE ----- NNO
NW ------ NW
NNW ----- NNW
E ------ O
ENE ----- ONO
S -------- S
SE ------ SO
SSE ----- SSO
ESE ------ OSO
SW ------- SW
SSW ------ SSW
W ----- W
WSW ---- WSW
WNW ---- WNW


There are 16 wind directions in the card of Wedaal now.

Please also notice the upload of your Wedaal-data. Older than 10 day if the data
I am, write to you. Unfortunately, if there shouldn’t be any reaction, I must the station
deactivating at Wedaal.
Please understand it.

Who was the directed too? I checked my data and it is up-to-date.

This concerns only operators of stations where the data are too old.

Wedaal NEW-Url: (
Wetter-Board NEW-Url: (

NEW: Homepageweather :wink:

you sent me a email a while back i think about a better instruction in wd needed?

Hello Brian,

can you stress the reprimand for the instructions to Wedaal a little in color?
Then many users unfortunately, see the note clearly and make me wonder, as one himself
Hope everything has translated my program correctly.


Hallo Brian,

you have the Wedaal instructions stand at Awekas.

Can you stress her at Wedaal in color?

NEW is homepageweather
Clicking here: and here (english support)

wedaal is now compatibly also:

Weather Display
Davis WeatherLink
Virtual Weather Station
Heavyweather 2 + Pro

the instruction is new in german, english, francais and nederlands:

In the map weather symbols are new. :wink: The symbols can be added by the station operator.

On the instructions-side there is now one better overview.

Wedaal hat seit gestern ein Update. Es werden nun weitere Werte angezeigt. Bitte benutzt die neue Version (10.37i Build 15). Nur mit der neuen Version werden alle Werte angezeigt.

Google Translations:

Wedaal has an update yesterday. There are now more values. Please use the new version (10.37i Build 15). Only with the new version, all values.

Wedaal kann nun auch per Direktes Senden, Daten empfangen, neben der Abholung der wedaal.txt.


WD unterst

Wedaal is now available on this page Direct sending only works with the new WD version from 3 April.