WEDAAL - meteorological data-selects

yes, i forgot to change the direction to a label instead of degrees
the time and date should work OK
i will set up a upload myself, too test…do you have a NZ in your list of countries yet, LOL?

actualy i did do that wind direcition change to show direction in words, in the latest version

Ist okay. Habe mich schon gewundert, wegen der Windrichtung.

Was ist NZ?

New Zealand or according to Google translation Neues Seeland.

NZ is online. :wink:

WD is not updating the text file at scheduled times (every 30 minutes on the 8’s,ie. xx08 and xx38)

Manual upload button works ok.

are you saying its not doing it at times you have set manualy, or is just the 8 minute past…what about other times dan?

When I upgraded to the version of WD with the wedaal icon and I clicked on it, the main switch was off but the times were already set to xx:08 and xx:38. All I did was turn the main switch on. It must have worked once because a file had been created and uploaded to my webserver. However, since then it is not updating itself from the time settings from the wedaal setup screen. The only way it will update now is when I hit the manual button.

i had a bug where it was using the wunderground settings, and you could not set the times to have it send
should be all ok in 10.29L
which i will test myself in the next little while
that latest full install also fiuxes a bug with the use of the moviemaker.exe if only doing last hour video, and not whole day video…
also i am now got wd storing all the FWI values (i.e ISI, BUI, DC, etc )to graph (i am still to get it to graph all the values, just waiting on the data to build up over the new few days :slight_smile:

Will grab the latest this afternoon and give it a go…not using any of the video functions right now. Just bought an IP camera and may try setting it up again. Seemed to really bog the system down and filled up the hard drive last time I used it…

Hallo Brian,

die Windrichtung ist in Version 10.29L “Unkown” oder “Northerly”.
Hattest du %dirlabel% vergessen?

ah, i forgot to convert to 16 data points
i will get a revised version uploaded

Using the latest 10.29l and my wedaal.txt file is still not uploading to the webserver.

FTPUPD.EXE started at 14:08:00 10/15/05 ****agenda items to do...**** dowunderground dohamweather *******Files to upload******** Local files: C:\wdisplay\webfiles\wedaal.txt Remote files: wedaal.txt *******list of files uploaded******** FTPUPD.EXE finished at 14:08:11 10/15/2005 Time taken = 0.02 minutes Total bytes uploaded = 0 K Total bytes uploaded for the day = 1940 Mb Total bytes uploaded for the month = 20972 Mb

wedaal.txt shows:

18.2 55 1014.4 4.8 9.2 West north westerly 14:07 15.10.2005 -0.036

I am finding about the same thing here.

working OK here now, latest zip version, all fixed up
and i have signed up and set the location to that file,.,…but not yet on the NZ map

I should have the latest zip, I downloaded it about an hour ago and had to wait for it to finish uploading. I think the timestamp was 2200 something Germany time…

i will get a new version number out to day, to be sure to be sure

working for me ok. not sure if it’s the latest 10.29l or not.

Looks like it might be working here now…I changed the upload times from every 30 minutes, ie. xx:08 and xx:38, to every 15 minutes. It updated at the top of the hour on it’s own. Thats the only change I made.

Hello Brian,

can you but the abbreviation change the wind direction so that the full text doesn’t stand?
I think


should stand:



North North easterly

should stand:


I hope my program has translated everything quite well. :wink: