I would like to have real-time wind speed and direction dials on our web-site. This site is hosted at an ISP.
I have downloaded wwwserver, and the dials.
I can’t find how i can tell the software to update these files ?

We have a permanent connection, but this is a ADSL connection.
Each time you connect, you get a differtent IP address.
Is there a possibility to upload your IP address to a link on the site ? So that you are rerouted to the webserver on the pc connected to the weatherstation.

Kind regards,


If you don’t mind spending a little cash dyndns.com will point a url (like www.yurweather.com or something) to your dynamic ADSL IP address.

You might also check with your ISP and see if they will assign a dynamic DNS name to your ADSL connection. Not very many do, but they might if you have been nice to them… )

so do you mean WD is running on a web server?
try setting the web files location to where the internet has access to it
and then using the customise internet and file creation, you can set the weather dials or individual dial images to update every minute

you can also use the java dials option, which ftp’s the dials image every 5 seconds and a java page displays the sequence…

or i could add in option to update the files on the hard drive more often than every minute?

Thanks Brian,

I succeeded in updating the files now once a minute with the custom web page

I am trying now to use the dialsviewer or animated gifs, but I haven’t quite got around yet.

Can you change the appearance of the dials, our website is in Dutch (!) and I would be nice if the wind directions would be in Dutch fe Z in stead of S, O (oost) instead of E (east). I cannot find the ‘master’ gif files, do you create them on the fly ?

Great software by the way, I am getting the feel of it.



ah, the german method of wind diretion display…
i suppose i could add option to use…
its just alot of places to change in the code!
glad you like the software :slight_smile: