Good Day,
I am messing around with Weather Display again. I am having problems with the day and time not being correct. I am also having a problem with the thermometer not showing up correct. Would anybody be willing to point me at to what I may have missed? I have attached the settings.txt


settings.txt (10.2 KB)

Can you post a link to the site?


Looks like your testags.php is very old:

$time = “9:10 PM”; // current time
$date = “12/22/07”; // current date

is WD uploading it, maybe it’s sending it to the wrong directory?

I am so confused and lost.
Unsure where or what I need to do to get this working.


do you have WD set to create a file from the template file, and are the custom tags in the template file being updated OK in the output file?

sorry new to all this stuff.
how would I test this?

best thing is to post some screen shots of your settings screen in WD
or .zip and email me your settings
and post the template file you have in use