Webfolder Location Option...

In the Screen Shot attached, was wondering If it would be possible to add the webfolder In the options also? Myself, I like to keep my main hard drive clean as possible and do run 2 hard drives. The more I can put on the other drive, the better. Thanks.


You don’t like:

lol…oops :oops: disreguard the first post. Thanks Niko. Didnt see that hiding there.

Some of those buttons can be pretty sneaky :lol:

Ok maybe Brian will have a look at this question…

I am trying to clean up my C:/ drive, just one PC here used by three teenagers as well as the Misses and me so its getting a bit full. The PC has a second drive D:/ I have already moved some photo’s and stuff onto there. My question is Can I just change the directory for webfiles via control panel as shown in the precious post or will I have to go through lots of web page files etc and change references C:/ to D:/. It might not be worth all the effort if thats the case?

If you change the location of the webfiles folder in WD (and restart the program), then from that point on all files for your website will go to the new directory. That DOES NOT move files from the current webfiles directory to the new one. You’d need to do that manually, probably thru cut/paste, or simply delete the old directory and its contents once you’ve confirmed that the new location is indeed being used.