Webcams with weatherdisplay, which one is working together?

Hi All!

This is a question to all using Weatherdisplay as webcam software:

Which WebCams (so hardware and drivers) are recogniced by the WD implemented WebCam setup??

Please tell my any combination that works together.

I have here a Logtech QuickCam Pro, it

Brian and I have had PAGES of dialog on this subject over the past 6 months or so. Here is what I have working:

Creative Webcam with the WDM drivers in WD is OK.
Intel Model 630 webcam with the Win-2000 drivers in WD is OK and will do 640x480 resolution real nice :slight_smile:

Thats all I have tried but it looks like most success is with the WDM drivers in 2000/XP since the system will recognize those more reliably, I think.

yes, you need WDM type drivers, that is for sure

:?: WDM capture drivers, thats a default windows driver?!! My Haupauge Win TV supports a Windows WDM capture driver, so this should work :slight_smile:



With the Logitech cam and WD recognizing the drivers, there are a few things to make sure of because I had the problem of no or black pictures also for a while.

Make sure that the Logitech, or whatever cam you are using, camera setup, or adjustment, program isn’t running. Even clicking “X” on some of these cam-control programs, they still run. Use Ctrl-Alt-Del to make sure they are not running because WD can’t share the cam with another program.
Also, in the cameras setup program, make sure all your settings are equal to what you choose in WD. Normally, I run my Creative Webcam “Camera control” program to set exposure, color, size, frame rate, etc… then exit that and start WD, go into the webcam setup and make sure I have choosen the same(IE, 320x240 RGB24) resolution and size as what I had in the cameras control panel.
I have seen my lock up or not work quite a bit if the 2 are different.
I also have choosen to have the camera set at 640x480 capture and have WD manually set the size down to 320x240 and the capture looks much better! (Thanks Brian for putting the advanced controls in there!! Good job!)