Webcam Streaming

Hi, Guys:

I’m using this fantastic new feature, in my case the network streaming, but I would really like to have a code inside a html page instead of making Media Player to open, whenever someone wants to see my webcam live (mms:// Is it possible? Any ideas?


Yes it is a great future but I have one small problem maybe you know the anwser.

I am using the stream option only (direct network streaming an network streaming only)
but if I have to restart WD the stream is on a different port.
Does any one know how to set this to a default port ?
Just mms:// without a port number is not working for me.
Maybe I am doing something wrong.



A few versions ago, Brian still didn’t had the time to make WD save some of the network streaming options. But now, and I’m speaking of version 10.20i, the one I have now, if you choose a port, it remains the same when you restart. Try it.


Yes I know Brian was working hard on this one…
But i can not find the setting for the port.
I am using the 10.20i version

OEPS :oops:

Missdd it totally
Thx anyway for the help :lol:

found it

:lol: Merry Christmas!

thats a good idea to have the html code
(funny, your link goes to the M&M’s chocalatest site!!!

this site has the code to do it:
maybe you can find it there?

My God, to the M&M site???

Look okay here :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks, Dan.

And most of all, thanks Brian!!!