Webcam so WD can tell if it's day or night

I guess I’m going to have to install a webcam so WD can see if it’s day or night. :lol:

High noon. WD thinks its starry night.

WD 952a

Windows time and zone correct.


my version is updating the day and night.
but as you know I had to do a fresh install with loss of everything. Basically inventing the wheel. So what I view as it works but obviously with yours, not.

I would shut down and save, do a shut down and reboot. Check the system clock that it works and that the clock on your console (I have a VP so, a console) also has the correct time. Then start the program and see what gives. IF WD takes its time from the system clock I would be sure that things are ticked as they probably are.

Somewhere there has to be a setting that has something skewed the wrong way.

System clock is correct.

While looking through WD to find some kind of clock setting, I found the Lat and Long missing from the Sunrise section. I re-entered my Lat and Long and now the night and day are correct again. :?

Working now. :smiley:


I had the same thing happen to me. I thought I had set the values only to find that they cleared at some point. Now the elevation ( which is in meters, not feet, silly me) clears and I am not certain how that affects other than there is one minute difference between console, paper and WD.

the hight saves now ok in vers 9.52a
and yes everyone will need to re enter there lat/long under view,sun moon
(its now reversed!)
i will do a mail out about that (just waiting to finish some things and let some other things setlle!)