Webcam setup


I’ve just set up a webcam in WD and all is working and updating correctly. I’ve put a timestamp on it. I’m trying to put it onto my WDL page and the image does appear when using the webcam button.

However, it stays static and does not update. I’ve set it to refresh every 60 seconds.

I wondered if somebody might have a quick look as I’m sure I’m nearly there!

The link is:

I’m running WD10.37d and WDL5.01.

Many thanks!


You have coded the wrong image to use.

Your WDL config file calls this image:

However it appears that the updating image is here:

Change your config file to call the correct image and see if that fixes :slight_smile:


Thank you Bob. I have done that but it still doesn’t appear to update :?

Not sure what it can be now? Any ideas?


Apologies…it is uploading every 5 minutes.

Thanks again for your help.



Glad I could help Tony :slight_smile: