Webcam overlay options

Just wondering what options people are using for overlays on the webcams?

My weather stuff sits on a Raspberry Pi, so preference is for something I can reasonably easily do on that. However I’m not averse to using a Windows solution in the meantime. I don’t run Windows WD, so using the overlay in that isn’t an option.

I’ve looked at agent DVR / iSpy, got it installed on windows, and found that it pulled data from openweather (which isn’t exactly my weather data!).

Also happy to try and pull my data back off WU or similar, or adapt a script that someone has already working

Mainly just interested in what people are using successfully, without having to try everything out and get it working.

Thanks in advance

I use IPTimelapse software that runs on my Windows PC. I display a real time still image, hourly timelapse, and live image on my webiste, Willowsford Farm - Home ( At the top of the homepage, I display the still image and timelapse and there are links in the menu under “Weather Cam” for full size views that includes an archive of 24-hour timelapse videos. You can display weather data from multiple sources on the camera views and add other text as you want. The software is $129 USD.