Webcam night Tag doesn't work

So I have the following line in my wdlconfig file:



            <caption>EVATUN WEBCAM</caption>







            <title>Webcam at EVATUN</title>

I have also setup the correct Lat & long. Does this make any difference to the clientraw file? I noticed the sunrise & set times on WDL were set with Lat & long on 0.0.0 & 0.0.0.

Anything else I need to look for?

You need to make sure that the lat and long are correct in WD because WD uses that info to send a day / night flag to WDL.

You can use the clientraw parser to check that the flag is correct - item 610 in the clientrawextra section.


Right now, night time there, the 610 day/night flag should be ā€œNā€ but is showing -100 and the ā€œNā€ is shifted to field 614.

This data in the wrong fields problem was reported WD in bug reports today and per Brian is fixed in the latest zip version