Webcam image and passwords


I have just bought myself a dlink DCS-900 camera to add an image to my website along with a video feed. However this camera requires a username and password to view the images it produces. Does anyone know how to store a username and password in html code so that the end viewer does not have to enter them?

The page in question at the moment can be found at



I believe your website is asking for a username and password. ← seems to be a weird location for it.

Why not just the root directory of ?

The reason for the image location being is that the camera is a network camera so that location is actually a dynamic dns redirection to my ip address and the camera itself. This means that no files have to be uploaded and everytime you refresh the webcam page you will get a new image.


Unless it is ftp Usernames and Passwords are no longer supported or recommended for use in URLs. They used to work in older browsers but all of the latest browsers will throw up an error message and/or not allow you to connect to the page.

I don’t think that’s the issue, I think it’s the server in the camera that’s asking for a password.

Did you set a user name and password on the camera? I think it only requires a pw for viewing if the admin sets one, so if you did, try deleting it.

Yes I did set a username. unfortuantely it is needed to allow the images to be viewed. Strangely the live feed coming from the same camera does not need a username to be inputted.

I think the camera is capable of sending images via ftp. I would use that feature and just pickup the image it sends instead of having users go directly to the camera.

That is unless you want to control it like you currently are.

What I do is have my webcam ftp a still image to my computer, then WD picks it up and handles it from there. WD posts the still image and I have a click-thru to allow visitors who want to see live video connect to the camera direct. Maybe you can do something similar? It would allow you to have a still image on your website that doesn’t require the username/password, and, you can allow WD to manipulate the image if you want to have an overlay or similar…

Unfortunately this particular camera doesn’t do ftp! Although I am still impressed for

See if this will work, WD can send a username and password when grabbing an image.

The manual indicates that it can send images to an ftp server, but that might be only for the 1000 model.

I hate it when companys merge their manuals for multiple products.

Using WD seems to be working nicely at the moment (not live on my site though), cheers guys!

It’s worse than that, so far as I (a 2x 1000 owner) can figure out, only limited versions of the 1000 firmware can FTP, and those firmware versions only work on limited versions of the 1000 harwdare :?