Webcam capture - overlay settings [RESOLVED]

Anyone know/is it possible to change the date format in webcam capture overlay settings (the webcam capture prog, not the main WD)?
Its recording as the US format mm/dd/yy and I want dd/mm/yy in the timestamp.

make sure you have the date format set in WD the way you need it
(in the units setup, time/date section)

works here:

The overlay in the main WD program puts in the date correctly (the blue/cyan text), but the webcamcapture prog doesnt seem to have an option (the red text)…


If you change the date format in Control Panel/Units & Other Settings/Precision-Time-Date-Cloudheight tab, the date will appear as you selected.

Sometimes I have found after making changes, the software needs to be restarted to capture the change. But make sure you do “Exit” then “Save & Exit” other wise you changes could be lost if you use the “X” in the upper right corner. I think Brian was making a change to that though and may already be in play.


andygodber , which version/build of WD?
make sure you are using the latest version
(full install)
but othewise try restarting the wdwebcamcapture program so that it picks up on those changes

Nope - its not having it. Just to reclarify - its the stamping done by the webcamcapture program NOT the main WD program (ver 10.37Q B60).
Stamping done through the main prog is reflected correctly

I see the problem now
problem happened after changing the settings file to a memory buffered one
use a new .zip update of WD, build 61, ready now

hold the phone
just did some more testing

I discoverd that the webcam program is using a web page date format setting
that went missing in action with a tidy up of the units screen
that is back now
in a new .zip update, ready now

so you can now set the web page/web cam date format
in the units setup, date/time setup
and then it will be OK (restart the web cam progam after making that change with the updated WD version (just click on OK in that setup screen)

Home Run Brian ! Thanks


Job’s a good-un.
Thanks for fixing Brian.