webcam background picture

I have my “trends” page setup to use a webcam picture that is stored locally. It is a picture that changes every hour based on my webcam cycling. (It replaces the current file - so the filename is constant)

Weather Display uploads this picture nicely, however it doesn’t capture the “new” pictures. It seems that it picks up the file on start-up. It would be nice if it picked it up each time it created the upload file. That way it would change based on the file content.

Can you use the file list on General FTP Functions under Setup/Internet etc. to separately upload that file?

I was assuming that the image used for the background was overlayed by the “trends” information prior to upload. If it is separate, then this would work, but I was hoping that it could be automatic.

Ah, good point. If it’s not being ftp’d as a separate item then my suggestion won’t work.

i will get wd to update the image in the next version :slight_smile:
(been away guys, back now)
(and anothr big spring storm heading our way!

thanks Brian! much appreciated!

Brian, thanks for including this feature. It’s amazing how “simple” (I hope) things like this makes your software so good.

I downloaded the new version to keep pace, and found that you included this request in the recent update.


yup, some thing are easy to do…
and some are hard (and I need to know I have a few hours up my sleeve to tackle those (and thats hard to find when you have a house full of kids and a farm to run (its just me, no worker, and 140 cows))