Web to off?

Ok, I give up. :oops:
All I want to do is turn the cam upload off. It used to be the master switch on the webcam setup dropdown, but that doesn’t do it anymore. Is there another switch/check somewhere to just turn off the cam? I’ve looked and looked but sure can’t find it. :cry:

Try going into View/Web Cam Image and then unclick all upload and make sure all other switches are turned off. I’m gathering what you said that you had gone into Setup/Web Cam and turned the switch to OFF.

Yes, they’re all off and it is still there.

For grins, go into Setup/Web Cam and see if your upload times are still there, if they are, click on the clear all button and then OK.

On my test machine I have the following so that my test site doesn’t get my web cam image being generated by my live system:

  1. View/Web Cam/Setup View direct live web cam capture. Make sure all switches are OFF and all boxes unchecked and press the SAVE button, then OK.
  2. View/Web Cam - all switches are off and all boxes unchecked. - Click OK.
  3. Setup/Web Cam - remove the file name, Switch is OFF and all upload times box is clear, click on OK.

My test system doesn’t upload with these settings or even generate any animated gif files as well.

Other than that I’m not sure where else Brian might’ve buried yet another switch somewhere.

As another possible, go into the directory where you store your web cam shots and delete all files. Then after a period of time, check that directory again making sure no new files have been generated. If none, then WD can’t upload any web files. If there are new files, then there is glitch in WD and Brian needs to know about it under the Bug section.

Hi Jim :slight_smile:
You may also want to try this:

  1. Right click on your main-screen graph.

  2. Select “Web cam images during the day” (down towards the bottom)

  3. Un-check (clear) the “upload to my web site” box.

    Good luck :!:

My plan B was delete all the times. I was uploading only once because it’s not actually a webcam but a storm picture from March. Seasons have changed so I want to stop it but can’t. I’ve done all of yours and cirrus’ suggestions (plan B) but it still keeps ticking away.

The only thing I have not done is unclick let me manage Datahtm.2. Just maybe… I’ll call that plan C.

thanks, maybe Brian will be back soon.

Lar, Kevin

It was the datahtm2. You have to unclick let me manage for a cycle to get it to shut down. Now I have to go back in and set up my forecast5day.gif again.
Jim :slight_smile:

i am back now…
i am going to get wd to let you add or change things to datahtm2.txt,but wd will keep the link drop down to the averages/extreme current still ///