web site hosted on web-hosting server with different address


i have just resisted the WDL (thanks julian for the prompt service)

the domain name i have registered is http://www.woodturningbypaul.co.uk but the site is hosted on a web-server with the address http://host1…/weather/index.htm

when i change html file to read the correct address it reports a “The wdlconfig.xml file is on a different domain to your WDL file. Your WDL domain is host1… Your wdlconfig.xml file domain is www.woodturningbypaul.co.uk.”

and when i set it to the hosting server it reports incorrect licence

should i have registered the hosting server name ???

thanks for any information



Where can we see your WDL page (and wdlconfig file)


hi bob

thanks for replying

on the normal site http://www.woodturningbypaul.co.uk then general info then in the centre there is a temp link to the flash version and the html from WD


Hi again Paul,

Ok as the actual URL for your WDL is at host1.gatesheadgrid.org I would think you need a license for that however… BUT WHY is it at host1.gatesheadgrid.org and not at woodturningbypaul.co.uk

Are they two different servers? can’t you install WDL where your Index page for woodturningbypaul.co.uk is hosted?


hi bob

i registered the domain name www.woodturningbypaul.co.uk but bought no hosting space form the registration company, the host1 server is a work server that i am redirecting the domain name too, which hosts the whole website

do i need to contact julian again and ask hime to redirect to host1 ??

thanks for all the help


Contact Julian and he will be able to give you a new registration code for your host.


Thanks for that

just email julian hopefully get this sorted soon