Web Pages

I have been having some surprising result when checking my web page(s). On an increasing number of occasions I have been seeing blank pages except for one graphic, normally the gizmo.gif or weatherdial.gif it normally refreshes OK after the next update, this is on the masin web page which is generated from the datahtmX.txt files.

I am also getting the same with the tideprediction.htm page on occasions and have to upload the web page again to overcome the problem.


If you actually go to the web site where your pages are uploaded to, can you see your files?

If you are uploading them to the correct directory, and it sounds like you are in that you can see them some of time, what happens if you refresh the screen or exit the the internet program then check on the web site.

If you can see it, then I would think that all it was that the screen needed to be refreshed.

One other thing to try, is check the ftp log. to see the files uploaded.

And if all checks out it could be your isp lag time.

Hi Robert

I have done testing with the new FTP, and forced it to upload a file that does not exist

that then upsets the whole naming sequence of local versus remote file names.
i Have fixed that up now in vers 9.39b, uploading now
(which should hopefully fix the graphing problem i introduced for the ws2000/ws2010 type station
merry xmas, and hang in there!

oh,it looks like from your web page, 9.39a fixes the graphing bug, so thats good news :slight_smile:

(boxing day here)

Hi Brian,

I knew you would get around to sorting the problem as you usually do. I actually didn’t expect you to be addressing some issues until after xmas. Thank You.

Do not fear, I have followed your work-in-progress for over two years now and do not intend to give up on you/WD.

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family and my best wishes for a happy and successful 2003.


I uploaded the present version and now out of curiosity see this in my log file…

This is only part. c:\ccam\ isn’t there supposed to be a web file between the \ and ?

is that the ftplog file?
yes, there is a missing file, i,.e most likely a web cam file?
try reselecting it, under web cam setup?

it was the ftplog excerpt. I’ll go back and check to see why things arenot loading.

Unless it is at one of the times that the thing doesn’t or isn’t set to load.

What I will do is to reset everything to default regarding times, such as webcam upload and reset all the files, even though it shows that it is already set, just incase some glich is on board.

Then I will leave the unit running over night and see what happens inthe morning.

I do have things uploaded to the site and the times look fine,but the log is a bit foggy.

Now I understand that the web cam only updates to the webcam file from sun rise to sunset? OK.

I will give it a shot and let you know tomorrow. It is about midnight here.