Web Pages stop updating at midnight local since 9.88d

Hi Brian,

The last two nights, Wx-Display has stopped updating the web at midnight local. When I open the minimized application from the tray to see what’s going on, Wx-Display dies. I restart and all is well. In between the application dying and midnight, everything else keeps going (data logging and APRS).


WIN2000 Pro, P4-1.5Ghz, 256MB, Wx-Display9.88d
P.S. Its take about twice as long to launch Wx-Display now (say about 20 seconds).

it must be the averages/extreme updating is upset by some corrupt data
if you try, action, update averages/extreme now, does it fall over then>?
and or check under view, program error log for anything there,…
there are ways to fix:
try deleting the August2003.htm file, and then recreate under view, averasges/extreme
and or zip and email me your 82003lg.txt log file too

Yep, dies when extremes updated. deleted august2003.htm file, WD still died when updating extremes. I’ll zip and email the 82003lg.txt file.