Web page updating stopped

After updating to 9.72b, the Website stopped updating. WU still updates okay.

FTPUPD.EXE started at 5:15:00 AM 4/16/03
agenda items to do…
Files to upload*
Local files: C:\WDISPLAY\webfiles\jakedog.htm
Local files: C:\WDISPLAY\webfiles\gizmo.gif
Local files: C:\WDISPLAY\webfiles\jakedog.gif
Local files: C:\WDISPLAY\webfiles\summary.gif
Local files: C:\WDISPLAY\webfiles\trends.gif
Local files: C:\WDISPLAY\webfiles\energy.gif
Local files: C:\WDISPLAY\webfiles\forecasticon.gif
Local files: C:\WDISPLAY\webfiles\localweather.gif
Local files: C:\WDISPLAY\webfiles\weatherbanner.gif
Local files: C:\WDISPLAY\webfiles\forecast5day.gif
Remote files: jakedog.htm
Remote files: gizmo.gif
Remote files: jakedog.gif
Remote files: summary.gif
Remote files: trends.gif
Remote files: energy.gif
Remote files: forecasticon.gif
Remote files: localweather.gif
Remote files: weatherbanner.gif
Remote files: forecast5day.gif
list of files uploaded*

FTPUPD.EXE finished at 5:15:11 AM 4/16/03
Time taken = 0.02 minutes

The detail shows:
200 Type is Image (Binary)
Logging off from 2nd server grouped
221 Windows FTP Server (WFTPD, by Texas Imperial Software) says goodbye
Checking for what else to do…
there are 2 more things to do
ERROR: 11001: [11001] Host not found at time/date 5:30:09 AM 4/16/03

…After it logs in successfully and changes to the correct directory on the server.

Was working fine before this…


I too have been struggling with web uploads. WD continues to operate and update from the weather station as usual, but the web updates have to be forced manually each time. Automatic updates to the time schedule established in the FTP Setup options is not being initiated.

I have noticed that WD is failing to advise the time of the next update on the weather data part of the web page.


i dont think its anything i have done, but general internet bog downs/slow ups/bottlenecks/servers not found, etc etc
or am i wrong

and bob, you might have somethign set wrong, like custom file creation and upload override?


Not sure you did something wrong or me. All those files should be uploaded to the same location.
It works fine if I do it manually. The only thing I changed was I set up the five day forecast.


Hi Brian

Well I don’t think I have anything set incorrectly and the upload override is disabled. Also, no FTP error as the FTP is not starting.

Do you want me to send my ini file?


PS: I noticed Aardvark and Beruberu are having some kind of FTP problem as well!!

This is weird, just mabually updated the web page and got this when I checked for the update.

Weather Data LAST READING AT TIME: 18:45 DATE: April 16 2003 ,Time of next update: 13:40

Now thats strange as my update period is every 10 mins.

Maybe you do have a problem Brian.

Cheers, Bob


v9.72c / v9.72d

I don’t know what the heck is happening, but my graphs are straight lining and on checking the weather station type It is set to Ultimeter II, Dallas/AAG 1 wire version 3 and Heath Kit ID5001. I’m going back a couple of versions to 9.72 which seemed to run OK for me.


i still cant see its anything i have done
i just set up a new site, with the latest vers of WD
and its OK
the only changes recently have been to the 5 day forecast and the wmr968 extra sensors
but i did recompile the ftp program, as there is now an option to email CC instead of BCC, so make sure you firewall is letting through that new version of ftpupd.exe

Even with the latest updates rolling along, I’m not experiencing any FTP update-automatic or manual- problems. Files are updating to my test and live systems to their respective ISP’s. Not sure why the others would be having this problem.

FYI - I did find a problem with an exception error, turned out to be a corrupted wdlocal4.txt file that I had. I wasn’t sure it if was WD or not at the beginning until I watched the minute updates to my wxlocal files and noticed one wasn’t updating. I removed and regen that txt file and it was working again. The WD error log pointed out the problem and it was a matter of watching the updates as it was occurring every minute.

the other issue was with the “beast”. i.e the ws2010 data logger…as 2 people have reported problems with no data collection (note: the internet updating does not occur until goof qualiyt data has arrived)

anyway, i setup a brand new wmr968 at my brothers place, and all has gone fairly smoothly…i am just uploading a vers now to fix the value on the extra sensor graph not updating for the gif

it only took me 5 minutes to setup wd :slight_smile:

i noticed with your test setup losmon, you had under graph setup, use default colours…which it does for a web update, for the graph, but then the colours do not reset back again…

corrupt files:
one commen problem is backing up a file from CD…its then read only (i.e write protected ) and WD then cant replace/refresh it

Hi Brian,

Using v9.72 WD has behaved itself overnight and continues to upload to my web server.


thats computers for ya,huh !
nothing i changed, i can assure ya!


I’ll go back to the latest ver then and see what happens.



Uploaded a new copy of 9.72d just incase I had a download glitch. It ran for about 30 mins before it stopped updating the web pages. Went back to 9.72 again.

It’s a shame, the new forecast works great on 9.72d.


cant see why

Neither can I now, v9.72 gave me a problem so I went back to 9.72d and it’s been running like a good’un for the last 4 hours.

Go Figure eh! :?


humm, with the latest vers, any errors under view, program error log when it stops?
and, do you have ticked limit the number of failed ftp attempts or anything like that?

all i have been working on was the 5 day forecast (it now looks for the word breezy) and teh wmr968 extra sensors

humm, with the latest vers, any errors under view, program error log when it stops?
and, do you have ticked limit the number of failed ftp attempts or anything like that?

all i have been working on was the 5 day forecast (it now looks for the word breezy) and teh wmr968 extra sensors
and the ET graphing…

Same problem here I get access violation errors in the error log.