Web Page Refresh

This is not a problem with the WD software, but more a question about how web pages work.

I have created a custom web page that I upload along with my normal pages. I’ve set up an active desktop on my PC at work. Now in the lower corner of my display at work I have a small display of the conditions at home.

The problem is, it won’t reliable refresh the active page. I have it set to re-synch every 5 minutes. But even if I open my custom page in Internet Explorer, it is old data. If I hit the refresh button a few dozen times, it finally gets the latest information.

I’m assuming that some server at work is keeping an old cache of my page. Has anyone seen this? Is there anything I can do to force the page to not be cached?

I don’t know HTML, but I have the no-cache pragma, ‘expires’ date and refresh values set, maybe incorrectly. :?

My page

Use the code:

[code:1]<meta http-equiv=“refresh” content=“600”;>[/code:1]
within your page’s HTML, placed in between the

[code:1][/code:1] and [code:1][/code:1], where the “600” reflects the number of seconds you want between refreshes. For example, 600 would give you a refresh every 10 minutes. “300”, then of course, is five minutes, and “60” is once per minute.


Use the code: [code:1][/code:1]

n6skk, I already have that, and in fact I’m using 600. But I didn’t use the ‘;’ after the seconds, and may have things out of order. I’ll redo.

CaptDilli, I may be wrong, but I’m convinced my “At Work” servers are the problem. I’m convinced they have a server that is caching my data. I’ve tried deleteing my local cache and that doesn’t help.

It’s possible you’ve got a transparent web cache installed. My ISP ran one of these for a while and it didn’t properly obey the meta cache pragmas. I didn’t experiment, because they swapped to a different product, but there is a cache control embedded in the HTTP header which might improve things.

The meta pragma doesn’t change the HTTP header value. You need to have access to the web server service config file, e.g. the Apache config file, to change it. This may or may not be possible depending on your access rights to the server. Unfortunately I can’t remember the HTTP header cache control details now, but you should find it if you search the web.