Web graph temperature scaling

Just wondering how the scaling of the web graphs is adjusted?

All my web graphs are going off scale eg

all the screen graphs are fine and I’ve looked for any rogue data in case it’s something to do with autoscaling

problem has been happening since may 25, not sure if it was program update introduced or something I have changed? looked everywhere though
Any suggestions most appreciated :slight_smile:

LaCrosse ws2300 w2k ath1.8 WD v9.79a

i must have a bug
zip and email me your month62003.inf file (for june) and your month52003.inf file for may
and your wdisplay.ini file from c:\windows or c:\winnt

oh and your the Grey Lynn station in Auckland city!
Wow, you only live 20 Km from me in a straight line, LOL!