Web cam onder Win2k

hi Brian

i noticed your topics with Fred about theweb cam under Win2k
had the same problem and downloaded win95/nt

but were to set up my web cam

sorry if I’m the village dummy but…

I also belong to the ‘dummys’ as I took a while to find it myself, it is under View, Web Cam…


Went back to vers 978 for 98etc
I have drivers from my VGA card and my web cam

In the reg I only see the fancy driver don’t know from
what application
The drivers I installed for the webcam I’ve seen once as administrator
and saved them in WD
so I restarted as user ; fancy driver again :roll:

and later that settings were not reproducable :evil: :evil:

It happens after installing my NVidia GForce TI4200
I think WD only sees this capture drivers

Changed web cam major type in Wdisplayftp.ini
at set up webcam type it start with this driver but no capture
Clicking on camera type it went to xxx driver and still no capture

Where does WD look for cam drivers ? in /system32 ?
Can remember had the same problems a year (?) ago
when installing the web cam

Try to look for that topic again

does your camera work outside of WD? That is with all the goodies that come with the camera? If it does, it should be fine.

Your card, shouldn’t have anything to do with this . You might want to do a scan disk, defrag, reload the drivers, letting the software decide the location, on top of the old ones. Follow the install directions exactly when you do this.

After you have every thing working, go to my computer and see if you can locate under scanners/camera your plugged in camera. double click on it and see what it shows.

IF it does work, then you can go to the help page on WD , after exiting and rebooting, to set the camera at that point. There is a help on line,but you knew that.

yep seen the help and I all do it from the rules

One thing I can’t find out is were WD is looking for that drivers .
in my WinME I used before its …/system but in Win2K the’re stored in …/system32)

does WD look automatically in system32 if not I have to set up that somewhere !

Nice 2 topics about the same subject but maybe we can go on this one !

hi all,

Sorry, but it’s like I said:
Installed web cam monitor/control; when starting up
I have to choose between:
NVIDIA GForce (and get the 'fancy’devices) and
Webcam Blaster devices
WD is husseling it and shows Web Cam Go and at ‘capture’ the devices of NVIDIA (VIVO) 8O

how to invoid this because I can’t make a choice at de WD menu
(btw Webcam is working excellent at his monitor/control)

Anybody suggestions ?

Oh …Let me be clear …I wan’t say it’s a WD bug !


kicked out all capture drivers from my NVIDIA GeforceTI4200 VIVO
and hopla all WebCamGo popped up !

as usual everything is working fine if offering some other issues

hmmm what if I decide to capture with the card ?

hi all,

WD only produced a animatedwebcam2.gif file when clicking on ‘produce a animatedweb cam file’

even after removing a self made animatedwebcam.gif file (by removing the ‘2’) it doesn’t produce one (waited for a couple of days)

motive ?