Web cam is on the way

Ew ew! New toy to play with.

I opted for a new Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 for $53US.

My plan is to mount it indoors facing NNW.

I plan to use the top off a mini-tripod to mount it to the window frame some way… or perhaps just set the tripod up on something at the window.

Wally world has them for $5…


(Anybody get the impression that I’m Mr. Cheap? :smiley: )

Any webcamers out there care to share any advice?

(Anybody get the impression that I'm Mr. Cheap? Very Happy )

No not at all :lol: I use a Logitech 3000 (from eBay 8) ). Gives pretty reasonable pics at 640x480. Both these models have a CCD sensor, so they work a little better in low light too.