Weatherunderground & APRS

Can’t seem to get these two options to work. They worked yesterday while using Davis’s Weatherlink software. I filles in all the parameters and have the buttons set to the on position. The log file says things to do- upload Wunderground & Aprs, but still no luck. Any suggestions?

Username - same as the one used by WLink.
Password - the same.
Set your upload times and then send test message, finally OK. Should work Check with your ftp log.

ID - same
Coordinates - Be sure they are right and the same. then set time, send test, then OK.

Be sure that you have completely exited Wlink as both programs can’t run at same time.

Should work like a charm… :lol:

Aardvark, trying to set the com port for APRS but get an error message for each com port selection. Got Wunderground to work. Just can’t get past this part of the set up for APRS.

I would leave them at port 23 (default) and it should work for you. Do you have anything that you know of already using port 23?,

I would just leave it as port 23, generally the defaults here are the best to use, unless for some reason things need to be changed. There is also a box that says use this hub instead, you have the option of selecting this or not, try it both ways.

I would go with defaults until you are familar with the program, then remember what you set different in case the results are not what you want.

give that a try, leave the ports at 23, click ok.

are you using the internet system or the direct to com port option ?
do you have a CW code or a ham call sign?