WeatherD.exe will not shut down

I can’t remember if I mentioned this topic elsewhere, so forgive me.

When I need to shut down Weather Display, everything appears normal and WD is removed from the task bar.

BUT! - if I then decide to shut down my PC (by pressing start, turn off computer), the computer comes up with an error message saying that WeatherD.exe will not shut down. If I leave it, I then get an error message saying that WeatherD.exe is not responding. By pressing End Task Now, will lose all data saved (or something like that). I have to take this option to close down the computer!

Any suggestions why this happens, and is it an important issue. I haven’t noticed any data lost although it seems that WD seems a bit unsettled until 24hours have gone and then things return back to normal.

its a bit hard to pin point what is causing this
do you have a web cam i use or similar?
try the exit, exit (and not save and exit)

No Brian, I don’t use anything extra. Only sensors. I will try exit instead of save and exit - I assume any data will still be saved. Funny how it always seem to be me with these strange faults!

the data is saved every 10 minute (most every minute), doing exit ,save and exit saves it all right there and then

Did try the exit only method you suggested, (just the once though) and it worked. Will keep you informed if it occurs again doing it this way.