Weather Wunderground Rapid Fire Stopped Working

My rapid fire for weather wunderground has stopped working. I had been forking for several years without any problems. Since it stopped working I went ahead and upgraded to the latest version thinking that it might solve my problem. I did not fix the problem. Does anyone have some troubleshooting steps I can do to try and fix this problem?


Hi, any errors showing in the logging window of the WUrapidfire.exe program?

After posting this problem I discovered that Rapid Fire is working. However when I try to check this using Firefox it only updates every 5 minutes. If I look at this in Internet Explorer 11 it is working just fine and updating every 20 seconds. So evidently the problem is Firefox. I downloaded the latest version of JAVA and installed and refreshed Firefox but that didn’t help.


Can you post a URL? I use Firefox and will check how often it updates.

Here is the link:


the updated seconds ago gets to 11 seconds then goes to 0
for me using chrome browser

I can see weather data updating (e.g wind) every 10 seconds. The station shown is Marshall Golf Course - is that yours?

I was able to solve this problem.

I had to uninstall Firefox. Then remove all the information from the App data folder. I then reinstalled Firefox and restored the Bookmarks. When I opened my page on Weather Wunderground rapid fire was working again. Next I logged onto my Weather Wunderground page. When I did that the Rapid Fire stopped working again. I ended up Reseting all my preferences on the Weather Wunderground site and all is now well again.

Thanks to all of you that replied.