Weather Warning email

My weather warning just sent a couple of buddies of mine a warning my indoor temp had reached 32 F…the actual temp was in the low 70’s. Earlier today it sent a warning we had a 45mps wind gust…we actually had around a 3mph gust at the time. My friends are sure going to be suprized! And no my wife didn’t just walk into the room…she is a warm friendly sort…
Jon Paul

what weather station type?

LaCrosse WS-2310… I turned the warning email off for now…and no I hadn’t rebooted or anything …I was just browsing the net when Outlook informed me of a mail message …

ok, for some reason, the indoor temperature can be wrong from that station
and sometimes there are wind spikes too (even the heavy weather software has that problem)

Have same for longer time now (repeater batt is ok)


Can’t you just turn off that particular warning?


Can't you just turn off that particular warning?

Yes I can do only turning by switch !
That’s what I do whit my car when it’s wrecked: trowing the carkeys away, no more problem ! :smiley: LOL Joke sorry don’t shoot

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