Weather Underground Wind Speed

Ok, I’m really hyped because it’s a “windy” night here.

My all time max average wind speed happened - 17.5 mph reported on the WD main display and as a new all time record!

Yet on WUG, the wind speed for that time was reported as 13mph.

I was sitting in front of the PC when WUG was updated. The dial read 17.5 mph at 04:09.

Yet WUG shows

04:09 63.9

Brian, I have noticed a couple of weird wind things going on also. I have seen a big gust spike on the graph on the main WD screen of about 40MPH but nothing noted in the max gust of any kind and nothing on the real-time graph or history. The 918 shown nothing around 40 either and I made sure to reset the peak windspeed in it also. This happened 3 times over the last 7 days when the wind speed during the day never got over 12MPH. Today is VERY windy and I have seen no false spikes. Just letting you know. I am still very happy. WD is very quiet and behaved. :lol:

i did put in a wunderground gust value…so that should be working…i will check it…but it uses the max gust for the last minute (same as the gust line on the graph)…and not the absolute gust
the average for wunderground is the last 1 minute average (it should match the graph average at that time)…

you guys dont know what windy weather is!

Just to make clear, my original post was about speed, not gust. I have not had any problems with the WUG gust since you implemented that “max gust since previous update” routine.

It looks to me like you are reporting some sort of average to WUG, not the instantaneous reading shown on the WMR-968 console or the WD main display.