Weather Underground rain totals still off

I show .06" of rain today but WU is showing .08".

Yesterday I had .05" of rain and WU is showing .06".

do they have the new since last report total in place now?
greg, i am no longer on the 1 wire list as i shot myself in the foot too many times, and say too many dumb things, which i aplogise…
i must be going mad and will probably be found slumped over the keyboard frothing at the mouth after all

I think they have gone to a “running total” style of measurement. So if report 1 sends .01 and report 2 sends .02 and report 3 sends .01 then the total is .04. This is the exact same way that Anything weather calculates the raintotals but just doesn’t seem to add up corectly.

I solved my Rain Total problems with WU by updating them only once per hour. :smiley:

Hum …, I update every five minutes and again today its off but by even more. The weather station shows .08 but WU shows .12 .

i think it might be a overlap with the rain in the time intervals…
i will try changing to add back 1 less minute…
but fixing a water leak at the moment.

Thanks Brian and keep up the good work.