Weather Underground rain totals are crazy!

The rain totals reported by WUG are often incorrect for my site!

Compare a nearby weather station for March 6th

with mine for the same date

Notice that we have similar graphs, but completely different totals!

Or check out Jan 1st 2003!



WUG totals my rains as 6.83 inches, but the other station is totaled as a correct value of 0.55 inches.

Maybe WUG is wrong?

Any ideas Brian?



Thanks for the link - I was out of town for 2 weeks. I believe this is a WUG problem, since I regularly monitored rainfall from work using WUG earlier this year, with my 5 minute uploads, and the totals were correct. Something has changed to break this since I went out of town on April 18th. Let me know of any response you get from then.


WUG have contacted me, and they are going to change/fix at there end (oringinlay it was supposed to be rain in the last hour
WD was the first software to offer WU support, FYI :slight_smile:
(I had to wait for VWS to come on board, then I was going to post it on a BBS, but VWS took all the limelight, with “We are proud to annouce teaming up with wunderground…etc etc…”

Today we had a thunderstorm. WD and the weather station measured 18mm of rain during the 20 minute storm. WD reported the following to WUG:

15:54 21.2

Same thing today :

This is what WD reported to WUG
18:34 70.4

Still broken on this end as well. I guess Brain has not has time to get to it yet.

a new 9.79 is ready now, should be better hopefully

We had .23inches of rain yesterday and the total for all reports send to WU from HS (every 5 minutes) is .21 and WU is reporting 0.00? This is using 9.79d

if you look in the ftplogfull.txt file after a report send, check the amounts wd is sending
it might still be WU problem
note, WU was originaly only intended to be every hour