weather underground problem

It seems that WU forecast is disappearing every once in while. I have noticed that it happens only in my language (Hebrew), no problems in other languages. I did run the force update and on the view source i am getting this message: json_decode returns - Syntax error, malformed JSON →
the site is
Thanks for your help

The next time it happens, make a copy of ./cache/WU-forecast-json-0-he.txt from your website, and attach it to a post here… I’ll take a look.

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Hi Ken , today it happened again , so I am attaching the file

WU-forecast-json-0-he.txt (459 Bytes)

At this moment 2016-03-05 00:00 => 09:30 CET all WU servers are down the redirect for https is not working

Sometimes there are “unknown errors” , at least to me, replies

An error occurred while processing your request.  Reference #97.146bdfad.1457166463.348d068

but most often the message is “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”