Weather Underground Almanac not working plus other issues


Yesterday I upgraded to the latest beta from v.81. The upgrade caused many problems with my website. Mainly my website was stuck and so was WD on the time I update. I tried a reboot and reinstall the problem existed. So I went back to v81 and everything started working again. I am running the Saratoga alternate dashboard on my website. So I would like to get this work with the new beta so any input appreciated.

OK now my current problem. When I went back to v81 my weather underground weather records from the WU Almanac in WD stopped working. When I go to state and click TN it shows no stations. So my website now shows 32 as the record high and 32 as the record low and no year. I need the stations from TN to appear in WD so I can choose Nashville.

Thanks in advance for your help.


build 81 uses the
which is far as I know is going to be stopped updating soon
so if you use the wunderground almanac you will need to update to the latest WD version anyway
(which will need resetting up…easier now… you can just type in your city name and click on search and then click the one found and then click to remember)

re your first problem…there is very little to go on to know what is going on…really need more information…