Weather Trends (wxtrends.php) not updating properly


I’m not sure if this is a script question or a WD question.

Now Christmas is just about out of the way I can spend a little more time getting my site complete and error free One of the problems I have is with wxtrends.php ( The page is being updated on the server as the “current” data is correct. However the 5, 10, 15 etc minutes ago data displayed relates to a different day entirely and the Record and Stats data aren’t being updated either - e.g. Today’s rain shows 0.0mm but the “current” line shows 1.8mm (as of 7am this morning).

I can’t see anything obvious that I’ve done wrong (but I’m obviously not doing something right).

thanks for any help and Happy New Year to all


Check your status page.
The normal weather data is not uploaded. Last update at December 12. Only the realtime data is recent.
So all values on trends and startpage which come from the testtags.php are old. Only the Ajax values are recent as they come from clientraw files,


Thanks for the reply

I understand that the data isn’t being uploaded but I can’t see what to change in WD to make it upload it again (it obviously was being uploaded up to 12th December - I must have done something on that day but can’t think what)

Thanks again


I have added help setup videos now

maybe review the 3rd one in list :slight_smile:


I thought I’d done all that, but for some reason although it was creating the files, the upload switch was off. All fixed now