weather talking i.p.o weather reading

I have the weather talking working each half an hour to let me know the forecast in short for that moment…

does it take much processorpower to let this talker read my weather txt downloaded from my weather-station-forecast service

I think to upload it and let people have the possibility to hear my weather in place of reading

especially for those who has problems reading small texts from my webpage it should be very helpfull using this feature

hi ed]you could use the custom create your own talking file
and the metar/ftp custom tag (the one we had so much fun with!)

I knew it I knew it, Brian
e-ve-ry-thing is in WD !!
as I ever said you’r always one step ahead

so now in our wxlocal toy (overzicht.txt midden_lange_termijn-txt :wink: ) this I suppose ?:

I have lame at my server
So now it must be working

I’ll try out

ok it’s working now, great Brian !

The other side of this moon is I have a text from about

vers 9.49c, scrioll down to see


timer works great, yoopy !

only the switch is off again after closing menu
used saved settings but not sure it works for
the switch

fixed, uploading a new vers now
it was a spelling mistake in the ini file entry

Here’s another thought, have SpeakIt! speak your page.

Try this link for futher information:

new vers ready :slight_smile:

has GPS function now, and new real time graph web file option

<img src=“

to view my one

fixed, uploading a new vers now it was a spelling mistake in the ini file entry


i will do some testing…was too late at night!

good morning !

then I suppose your eyes are any better now 8O

my daughters are waiting for some new pictures of allister,
they wonder what you’re doing all the time!’ :twisted:

this is working in the 9.50
but i have an error with the real time graph creation
fixing now

realtimegraph2 is spagetti ??!
extrarealtimegraph is big yellow screen
see my webpage scrollpage scroll down 8O

testing [quote]h

i think i have fixed the extra sensor graph jumble now in 9.50b
(i will test some more)
i have been here before, but i am heading in the right direction

if anyone has suddenly a large memory use, check the size of the files
graphdata.inf, graphdata2.inf , graphdata3.inf and graphdata4.inf in the datafiles folder
if large, then clear the real time graph assoaciated with that one (real time gra, extra sensor graph, vp solar, and lightning

and keep an eye on it