Weather talker not creating mp3 from custom b252

Hi Brian, finally managed to update to the beta again after your modifications

Weather talker creates the wav file for the custom, but only creates the basic mp3 not the custom
make sense? hope so lol image added for settings, left box is what the MP3 file is, right box is
what the wave file is

When i try the test button, before it used to play the sound back to me but that no longer happens.

not sure what you mean by only creates the basic and not the custom exactly?

Hope the image helps a bit more…
Basic is the non custom

Ok, I will check on that for the next beta .zip update

Hi Brian, thanks, after many tries with the testing it finally showed up in the voice output window
but its still not creating it as an mp3, only the .wav, also the test does not play the voice file either :slight_smile:

Currently downloading the latest beta, not sure if you have had a play yet but i need it for the WU side
anyway :slight_smile:

I have added in this missing code to create the talkingnew.mp3 file in the latest .zip update

Thank you Brian, i will grab it now