Weather talk & warnings?

Hello all,
Can someone please test their WARNINGS in weather talk, mine doesn’t seem to work, normal weather talk works good.


i think there is a problem here
anyone have this working>?
i will find some time soon to re look at this feature
(got the father in law here, and he dragged my kicking and screaming to go fishing today:…and we caught 6 good snapper from a dinghy and a 2.5 horse outboard 300m from the boat ramp in a channel in the harbour 5 minutes drive from here, and 1 good gurnard, and 20 snapper that were too small and i had to throw back (i was hauling those little ones in 20 seconds after the line was put over the edge!)

also, i need to limit the vp et too me thinks

Yeah the ET, my %VPet% tag goes crazy sometimes, check it out at

and also, just a reminder, the ET red line needs to be fixed and please compress the soil moisture ( blue line ) so that 0 to 200 fits on the graph.
using the zoom controls doesn’t seem to work

good luck

download a new 9.70d
these issues should be much better